Wednesday, May 06, 2009

Serenity Experiment update

Well, let's see...the great news is that my bed has been made every day with the exception of a couple of days when I went back to bed after breakfast. I have some kind of new annoying ailment - headaches - which I've never in my life had before. So, back to bed I went and slept until they went away. And I've been dressed directly (more or less) after with the above exceptions.
I feel incredibly silly documenting this unbelievably simple exercise in self-discipline. I really think I should be doing yoga or meditation - something more fitting with the word "serenity." But...nevertheless, the truth is, unless I get some smoothness to my morning and evening routines, I will never have any serenity. I'm sure part of the trouble is my ADD and the fact that for most of my life my morning and evening rituals were prescribed by having to bust my butt to get to work and/or getting kids up and fed. Any chance I got, however, I slept in. I was always exhausted.
Now I have time. I've taken the time to heal; and to get some perspective on what to do with the time on earth remaining to me. All that sounds incredibly important and as if making my bed and getting dressed in an orderly fashion are pretty stupid. But if you knew me well, you would know that serenity is waiting just around the corner from having a little bit more discipline.
I am adding the 3rd simple thing - back to my meditation practice which I had for years and years but since the wreck have not been able to implement. It's worth trying to press through whatever keeps me from resuming it. Besides that, it makes me feel a little less stupid to have meditation practice as part of self-discipline.

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ericmix said...

I've made a hand-drawn spread sheet with my daily meditation exercises that I can check off in little boxes as I complete each one. More boxes are getting checked lately, which feels good :-)

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