Saturday, May 16, 2009

Anger Remedy

I used to love to be angry. It made me feel powerful when I was hurt or afraid. For quite awhile now I haven't been angry. I just stay at hurt or afraid and deal with that. Apparently, I skipped something and got angry. Now I hate being angry. It makes me feel kind of crazy and out of control - feelings I no longer enjoy.

When I discovered I was furious with some people and recent events, I really wanted to be free. My sponsor suggested (and these are tools that are standard in 12 Step programs and I've used them a million times but always forget until someone reminds me) that I pray for them until I wasn't angry any more. She suggested that I write to one of the people telling him how I feel but not send it - instead read it to her and we'll decide how to handle it from there.

I'm not surprised that I'm not angry today. It works every time.

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Liz said...

Yes it does. I am learning the same thing!

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