Sunday, August 13, 2006

Sunday Afternoon

This is the beginning of my commitment to write. Since I really don't like writing just for myself, this blog will give me the illusion (or maybe it will be true) of writing for an audience.

I'm in Dallas with my daughter and her family. My grandson, Adam, Is here for the week, and I took off work to visit with him a few days while he's here. His first job was to help me set up this blog.

In the last two days while visiting I've read two books - Divining Women by
Kaye Gibbons and Dispatches from the Edge by Anderson Cooper. Both of them were amazingly thought-provoking. Both of them seemed to me to be about victimization - how incredibly challenging it is to realize that evil does exist and I should respond effectively when I think I see it. But both books raised questions in me about the nature of evil and what an effective response would be.

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