Sunday, May 17, 2009

A Picture a Day

About two years ago (I think), my daughter and her husband gave me a wonderful digital camera for Christmas. I took some pictures under their supervision and then let the camera gather dust. Just recently I've begun to work at using it and downloading the pictures to my computer, and when appropriate, to this blog. My daughter has a post about a 365 day project of taking a picture a day. I love the idea because I want to learn more about how to use my camera. AND to take a picture a day that is meaningful will mean that I will have to pay attention.

This picture is of a bouquet given me by one of the women I sponsor. They are flowers from her yard. She said they were to thank me since she has finally lived someplace long enough to have flowers. In the past she has moved pretty much every year. Definitely a meaningful picture - to her and to me, for sure. I'm not sure what I did that helped. All I did was laugh when she told me she thought it was time to move.

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Liz said...

I LOVE it...and I sort of like posting them once a day I think...I will have to play around with this 365 project and see how I like it best. But, yes, the reason I liked it is I would have to pay attention. So far, it has been fun. I am very glad that you joined in!

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