Friday, May 22, 2009

My friend, Eric, is visiting today. He has become my dear friend even though we had only met once before the wreck. Ron was his sponsor. So, Eric appointed himself my caregiver and has been with me every step of my journey since the wreck. He has been the most amazing gift in my life. Today he is helping me get gardening supplies for some flowers I want to plant in my front flower bed and carrying things to the car for the trip I'm taking this afternoon to a retreat (the kind where you treat yourself over and over). Mule duty I told him. Of course most of his duties have been a bit more complex than that. He is a physician so he has provided much needed advice and has talked to my doctors. When I had my last surgery he stayed with me for almost a week. Thank you, Eric!

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Liz said...

Hey! Eric is letting his hair grow out! I am glad that he was there to be your pack mule. hehe!

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