Tuesday, January 25, 2011


Adam smoking his pipe after the package opening.
Some of the wreckage from package opening on Christmas.
Fred taking a picture of who knows what on Christmas Eve (must be Christmas Eve - presents are still under the tree).
Sofi taking a picture of Aaron and Liz on Christmas.
Sofi watching over the snacks on Christmas
Thein cooking on Christmas in her American Eagle hat.
Wreath on the ceiling at the Philbrook Museum of Art.  The things dangling from the wreath are feathers - I guess because we're Indian Country.  Whatever!
Aaron taking a picture of the landscaping at Philbrook Museum of Art
Pretty good Christmas lights in my neighborhood.  I think there's a light on every leaf on the tree and bushes!
Old Warehouse Market -art deco building.
One of the famous art deco buildings in Tulsa - an old warehouse market.

The famous praying hands at Oral Roberts University
Oral Roberts University Prayer Tower
Oklahoma Surgical Hospital - interesting to a design student like Sofi.
Aaron and I by the lobby Christmas tree at Oklahoma Surgical.
Aaron and Sofi by the lobby Christmas tree in the lobby of the Oklahoma Surgical Hospital.  We were checking out the design since Sofi is a design student.
Sofi, Aaron, Bec, Adam, Thein around the fire pit at Aaron's graduation party.
Another pic from the 1959 mini reunion at Christmas

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