Monday, January 17, 2011

New Year

Always at the new year I think about what I might want in my life this year.  I don't make resolutions - I have too much history with breaking them - it's depressing.  But thinking about what I want - that's another story.  This year I want to fill my mind and heart with love and serenity.  I want to ignore all the crap that seems to be going on in the world and around me.  I want to see if I can stay 100% positive all the time.  Well, that may be too lofty, but it's worth a shot.  I wonder how I would feel if I stayed 100% positive.

I pray to learn the way to see myself as a child of God, bearing in my heart and mind the dignity and grace He has conferred upon every one of His children.  Let me learn to live up to this picure of perfection - a little at a time, but always going forward.  One Day at a Time.


Liz said...

Sounds great...and it is worth a shot. Can I say, and not be rude, I did laugh out loud at the 100%?...but it is worth a shot! :)

Mary Ann said...

why not shoot for the moon?!

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