Thursday, January 20, 2011

Living in the Past

I've discovered that writing a memoir is a lot like living in the past.  That seems pretty obvious, I know.  The thing is that in order to write about something, I have to sit still and really remember how I felt, what things looked like and for the time that I'm writing I do feel like I'm there again.  Right now I'm writing about the death of one of my children.  I'm not liking it much, but I've made a commitment to do this based on the urging of lots of knowledgeable people in my life.  So, onward I go.

What is the knocking?
What is the knocking at the door in the night?
It is somebody wants to do us harm.

No, no, it is the three strange angels.
Admit them, admit them.

D.H. Lawrence

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