Saturday, September 18, 2010

More on Alice

I love the titles of a couple of Alice Walker's new books:  "We Are the Ones We Have been Waiting For"  and "Hard Times Require Furious Dancing."  The latter is a book of poetry and the former isn't that new - it was a best seller in 2006.  I must get it from the library.  I want to read them AND I feel certain that I already know what she's going to say.  I have a vision of the furious dancing required by hard times.  It is the opposite of sitting around whining.  Scary as it is, we ARE the ones we have been waiting for.  If it isn't us that's going to make things better, who is?  It's not those folks in D.C.  The poor things are just trying to guess what we want to hear so they can get re-elected.  Who would want to live like that?

Alice says that her purpose is to send love into the world.  The interviewer asked why she chose writing to do that, and Alice said it was cheaper than painting or making music.  In the beginning she just carried a notebook around with her and now she carries a macbook.  But it's the same thing - it's cheap and you can write at anytime, anywhere.  So, maybe I will start carrying my macbook around with me in my backpack.  I already carry a notebook.

I've checked out Alice's blog and she is writing a chronicle about her chickens.  They have wonderful names like Agnes of God, ertrude Stein and Rufus.  Rufus is the rooster and he picks on the hens.  They hide from him behind Alice.  She calls herself Mommie in the chronicles and she really is their mommie and they know it. She took Rufus to a friend's house where there were kids and dogs for him to contend with to see if he would be less of a bully when she took him back.  For sure the hens were a lot happier with him gone and were not happy to see him when she brought him back.  Unfortunately, he was still a bully when he got back.

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