Monday, September 06, 2010

365 Project Trip to see Eric in Montana 8.2010

Trip pictures - I love my digital camera. It drives Liz crazy when I do this with her in the car, but a lot of times I just stick the camera out the window and snap a picture without looking. That also works sticking the camera against the windshield. If you don't like the pic, just delete it. Cool!!! Sometimes thing look a little crooked as a result but you can still get the gist.

A bunch of people standing and watching the steam rise from a hole in the ground. On the other side of them is the ice cold lake. A horse of many colors at the Believe It or Not Museum in Jackson Hole

The view out of the window at our friend Annie's house near Jackson.
View of the Grand Tetons

The view from the restaurant grounds at the Grand Teton park. I think these are the best mountains I've ever seen.

Eric and Annie looking at the view.

We ate at a pizza place that faces this lake.

Another view from the pizza place.

Old Faithful.

Here's Eric videoing Old Faithful. He's grinning because he's planning to beat the crowd for ice cream cones.

Old Faithful has fizzled.

More scary steam coming out of the ground.

Here we are at the water fall in the canyon in Yellowstone.

A better view of the canyon waterfall in Yellowstone.

Looking down into the canyon.

More steam!

Eric looking at the ever present buffalo in Yellowstone.


The Buffalo Bill Cody dam.

Lake at the dam. Another view of the lake at the dam.

The tunnel before the dam.

Coming into the tunnel.

Amazing weathered rock formations.

We're coming around a mountain.

Eric's house.

Sweet Medicine Drive where Eric lives.

Looks like it might rain.

Faraway mountains.

Wyoming cliffs.

Building in Cheyenne, Wyoming.

Kansas sky.
Building in Cheyenne.

Kansas windfarm.

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Liz said...

Great photos! Even if you did risk your life for a couple of them! I want to see the Grand Tetons...fabulous!

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