Saturday, October 10, 2009


I've been listening to an audio book from the library in the car. (An attempt to use my time more wisely.) I don't really like the book - it's way too dogmatic and annoyingly righteous. On the other hand, I keep listening because it has some ideas that give me pause for thought.

One of these ideas is the explanation of the difference between self-improvement and transformation. Transformation, according to the author, and according to me, is a complete reorganization of the personality, outlook, and heart of the person. Transformation doesn't happen because the person decides to make it happen. It only happens as a result of the person's willingness to be transformed by an outside force for good (some people would say God).

The process of transformation includes painful facing of the truth about oneself and willingness to take the action to change. Self-improvement usually just means smaller, somewhat superficial changes like losing weight, getting more organized, developing a talent, etc. Not that these things aren't good - they're actually wonderful. It's just that they don't add up to transformation. In my recovery program it's called a psychic change. To one degree or another, people who experience this seem to be and are different people.

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