Friday, October 30, 2009


How nice to have the fog lifted! Sobriety lets our wits grow sharper. We can go after our dreams and ideas. We can listen to music and sing. We are part of the magic of the universe. At times we may not feel very magical, but we are. Our spirits hold much magic. Sobriety is magic. We work at making the world a better place. In doing so, we get magical powers. Powers that heals and comfort others. Powers to understand things that before we could not. Powers that let us see the world as we’ve never seen it. Enjoy the magic and use your powers wisely! ~Keep It Simple

After a lot of rain, the sun is shining again. How about that! It keeps happening all the time. Today I will use my magical powers to try to make the world a better place and I won't get wet when I go outside!

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