Wednesday, October 07, 2009

365 Project Week of September 29

The visitors are trying to decide what to have for Sunday breakfast at Phill's before they hit the road.
The golden driller in front of the fairgrounds at the Tulsa State Fair. He has a fair tee shirt on. I wish I had seen the process of putting that tee shirt on him.

A view from the skyride at the Tulsa State Fair.

Rebecca and boyfriend, Josh, with a bull with amazing horns. I have not earthly idea what kind of cattle designation this thing belongs to. Wow! Bec and Josh had never been to a fair before so they got to see this on their very first one!

Some days are just better than others for taking pictures. This is Fred, the motorcycle dog, with his owner at Utica Square where we stopped at the art fair.

Kristin is having a corn dog at Chimi's with some of the Russell clan, her mother and myself.

Mary and I just had a delightful lunch to celebrate a recent birthday. She looks really happy.

My friend at the Association who is helping us find sponsors for the Out of Africa event. It's a lot less pressure when I'm not in charge!!

I've walked this bridge from the parking lot to the office building where the Alzheimer's Association offices are about a million times. This time I'm walking it to be a volunteer for the upcoming Out of Africa event.

My furnace/air conditioner had a leak and was making a huge wet mess in the house and under the house. But it's fixed now. Yay!! It took a whole day almost but no more mold.


Liz said...

Great pictures! By the looks of my double chin in Sunday's photo...I should have skipped breakfast at Phill's! LOL!!!! NOT!

ericmix said...

Glad the water / mold thing's figured out n fixed!

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