Thursday, October 29, 2009

Another Serenity Experiment Update

I've tried a lot of things in the past year with the objective of increasing my serenity. Most of the time my serenity is disrupted or eliminated by simply thinking about my to-do list. So I've tried doing all sorts of things to make sure I get done what needs to be done, etc. etc. etc. Not much progress has been made. Luckily I remember that it's an experiment.
My plan was to develop routines to get essential things done with the objective of a serene, disciplined life. Grrr. I don't remember exactly when I started on this but I think it was about six months ago. There's no need to go over all the stuff I've tried. None of it worked. Either I'm a complete incompetent or I need to surrender. Or maybe both. So I've surrendered. I just finished sleeping almost 24 hours with just a few breaks to do necessary things. I really slept. It felt like it was necessary. The new serenity plan is to assume it's really necessary and give in.

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