Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Another Belated 365 Project Update

I was returning one audio book and getting another (Suze Orman) at the library when I saw these two guys doing something with this portable something or other. It turns out they are changing light bulbs in light fixtures. Hmmm. I thought about hitching a ride.
I know - it's another picture of a tree. I couldn't help it. This my favorite color of all the autumn colors. Orange, yellow, and an almost pink shade. Makes me catch my breath.

I did one of those chores I do when I'm avoiding doing something else. This time it was straighten up my refrigerator gallery and add some pictures. One of these views is a bonus picture for a day I forgot to take a picture. Really - I take enough dumb pictures that I shouldn't have any problem taking a dumb picture right before bed when I've forgotten. I could take a dumb picture when I get up to snack in the middle of the night.

My friend, Sharon (the professional artist), and myself (with my new curly hair) at Sharon's very first solo show. People were buying those paintings like crazy. She says I bought her very first painting. What an honor! She is amazing.

Here's Kristin at Applebees in her cute hat and coat. She's now old enough to like the hat. Applebees is her favorite because they have the kind of mac and cheese she likes - Kraft dinner.

I took this picture on Sunday on the way to visit my friend, Eric. The trees and sky were spectacular. Unfortunately this rather dull picture was the best one I got. So here's the deal. This 365 project seemed like a fabulous idea when I started. This is week 20 something so I'm approaching half a year. It's taking more out of me all the time. In the beginning it was wonderful fun. Every day I looked around for a picture and found several. Then I realized that I do a lot of the same stuff all the time, and it would be very boring to just take pictures of the same stuff all the time. After that it became very hard. I had to look very carefully for pictures and not make them be the same boring ones of the cat or the trees changing color. Sorry to say I still ended up with pictures of the cat and of the trees changing color. Finally, just recently, I've begun to just look for pictures - interesting things in my environment that I might not have noticed if I weren't trying to find a picture a day. Now it's getting more interesting. The project gives my life a new focus and several interesting twists per day!

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