Wednesday, September 09, 2009


Yesterday I worked the primary election for Tulsa mayor and city council. The last time I worked was the November election which was like a very large excited party with over 1,000 guests. The time went fast. There was, of course, not as much interest in this election, and there were about 200 plus voters. With Tulsa streets as bad as they are, I thought there might be more interest. I got a little sleepy waiting for people to show up. I also - for some unknown reason - felt uneasy in the company of my co-workers. Whatever. I still enjoyed it. I love Democracy.

"We can learn to believe that we are doing any task as well as we need to do it, at this time. Our job is the effort. The outcome is part of a larger plan, one that involves more than ourselves." ~ Each Day a New Beginning

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ericmix said...

I love anarchy, and I feel blessed to be a member of the most successful anarchist society in the history of humanity !!! Lol :-P Democracy's pretty cool too ;-)

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