Sunday, September 06, 2009

365 Project

I'm not sure how I'm going to label this week's pictures. Blogspot arranges them differently than I intended. So... there's a picture of the entrance to the church where my home group meets. When I walk up that long walk, my troubles start to fall off my shoulders and hope begins to settle in. There's a picture of my front porch swing that I will be sitting on now that it's cooler in the morning. Next is an image of the wall of the Goodwill Industries building that faces the Sonic Drivein where I got a burger. The wall is concrete block so I don't know how they got that cool pattern. Next is my new book holder holding the latest issue of Psychology Today. Since I eat alone a lot, I read and the book holder allows me to read hands free. I ate dinner with my friend, Karen, at my favorite place - Ri Le's. I don't think I realized the walls were pink until I downloaded this picture. Then there's the woman talking on the phone in front of the mall. I just thought she looked cool standing there. Not an exciting week and a few weird/boring pictures. But - never, never, ever give up!!!

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Liz said...

I love them. So, did the woman on the phone know you were taking her picture? I am having a difficult time getting over what others might think about me taking photos at such random moments, and of random things. Boy, am I ever glad that I go to Al Anon. I can get help for that! LOL
Mine are going up now!

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