Monday, September 28, 2009

365 Project

A portion of the courthouse mural in Neosho. Participants at the 50th high school reunion had a tour of Neosho which included several murals. This is the Big Spring Inn which burned several years ago. But I have happy memories of eating there. You could catch a trout in the spring and have it for dinner.

Dancers at the 50th reunion. I was able to dance a little - yay! See above how Picasa fixed this too dark picture!

This string of tv's inside the front door of Sam's reminds me of a chorus line.

Kristin and Minky ignoring each other at his 38th birthday party. I hope Kristin is old enough to understand him. Right now she seems to just accept him the way he is without questions.

Here's Bridget at her adopted brother's 38th birthday party. She was having a great time!

This one isn't as clear as I would have liked. The object on the right is one of my new coasters with butterflies on them. Dee brought them to me and they are beautiful.

We had an amazing rain storm. I've discovered that it's hard to take pictures of rain!

My former boss, my former staff member and myself at my former staff member's retirement party. It was good to see everyone.

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