Monday, September 21, 2009

365 Project

This is my new roommate who came with Dee. We're rooming together while Dee's house is being remodeled.
Another resting-up-day picture. This is the metal sun that hangs on the wall in my kitchen. When I sit at my kitchen table I face it and am reminded of the light.

This was taken on one of my resting-up-days when my nose didn't even poke outside. When killing time before a 5th night at Utica Square, my friend, Karen, and I visited Pier I. I saw these butterflies made from feathers and had to have some. I had no idea what to do with them. So Eric put some on my tree (not a Christmas tree until December).
I love having some kind of flowers in my yard that I can enjoy in the house too. Otherwise I spend money and bring them home from the store. This is my friend, Kristi, and her beau at the dinner to celebrate her 40th birthday. I don't think she is going to become stodgy and old anytime soon.
Dee on the roof where we had lunch. It was great to be outside!
Tulsa skyline from the roof of the Mexican restaurant where Dee and I had lunch on Sunday.

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