Sunday, March 14, 2010

More on Sloth

After doing a 5th step on sloth with my sponsor, she suggested I do another 4th step on time. So I kept meticulous track of what I did with my time for a week. Interesting. What happened was that I could clearly see what was sloth, what was ADD and what was ptsd. There was enough sloth in there to take notice. After I did the 5th Step with her yesterday, she suggested again (for the umpteenth time), that maybe I could benefit from spending more of my time using the tools of the program. Well, I have no real resistance to that. It's just that I feel guilty when I'm not finishing my to do list. She gently pointed out that my to do list wasn't getting finished anyway. I could see that healing my mind and spirit might eventually fix the to do list problem. So... more time will be spent on healing. More will be revealed.

BTW - to symbolize my commitment to overcoming sloth, I dropped my written 4th step in the trash at the second AA meeting I attended yesterday. My sponsor was present as a witness and we happily celebrated!

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