Tuesday, March 02, 2010

365 Project

I thought the birds might have a better chance at the birdfeed if I put it on the deck. But once again I was very wrong.
Flowers at Whole Foods.

Best bouquet I've had in awhile. Love Whole Food's flowers.
Kristin, Lynn and I went to the circus on Sunday. Here's Kristin in pink, riding a pony with Lynn along side.
When they turned out the lights at the circus, all the magic light wands people bought looked beautiful.
Kids taking a camel ride at the circus.
Got to have highwire walkers at the circus.
Wouldn't be a circus without elephants
Indian dancers at the Shriner's circus. They're the Native American Shriners.
Lions and tigers
Guy getting ready to be shot out of a cannon!
Circus acrobats
Kristin at the circus. This was right at the end (3 1/2 hours!) and she's still focused.

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