Monday, December 07, 2009

Better 365 Project

This is the driveway into a very boring shopping center where the folks that fix my shoes are located. I always wonder why, who, how planted all these trees lining the driveway. It's a beautiful sight.
Coming home from an errand at sunset I noticed how the sun was lighting up the top of the trees.

Went to Ted and Debbies to find a particular candle. They didn't have it but I got this real-looking wreath to hang on the inside of the back door.

Ron and I got this mobile at Mayfest one year and he promptly took it to his office where it was spared from being in the fire we had in 2000. When he moved his office home, he didn't get around to hanging it and since the wreck, I've not done it either. So when son-in-law Fred was here over Thanksgiving, he hung it. Yay! Thank you, Fred.

Interesting table decorations this year at the New Haven anniversary dinner. Very creative. Different. Fun.

Eric and Cynthia (the owner and cook at Pure Cafe). It was delightful to get to meet her. The food is fabulous and we are telling everyone we know!

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