Sunday, December 13, 2009

365 Project Still week 20 something

The table is set for the annual potluck dinner the Step Practice group does every year. This year I decided to do a book study instead. 15 years was long enough.
Eric came to go to The Nutcracker, but he had to do some chores too. Putting icicles on the tree makes it a Christmas tree. So...the decorations are done.

Peggy, Eric and I went to The Nutcracker. It was probably the best one of all those I've seen!

I've started writing a little bit every day which means I spend more time in front of the computer than usual. Cisco has decided to help - or at least edit.

If you didn't know where the meeting was already, you probably wouldn't know if was here. But here's the door - meetings Monday, Wednesday, Friday and Saturday nights

Santa in an airplane and with his sleigh in the daytime. (Taken by Eric on our way back to the house from someplace)

Santa in an airplane and Santa with his sleigh on my way home from a meeting. My neighborhood has some great decorations.

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