Wednesday, December 30, 2009

365 Project

Getting ready to see Avatar - 3D glasses on. Bec, Aaron, Adam, Thein.
The painting Thein painted for the Russell's Christmas.

Everything's still not opened!

Time to open stockings on Christmas morning!

Here are the makings for the traditional Vietnamese soup on Christmas Eve!

Liz and Thein are working on the traditional Viet Namese soup which took all day to make. It was wonderful!

A white Christmas!

The penguin outfit has been replaced with reindeer antlers.

Pumpkin pancakes for breakfast for Adam and Thein who has her penguin outfit on for warmth.

Here's everybody but me for dinner - Liz, Fred, Aaron, Thein, Adam, Josh (Bec's boyfriend), Bec, Bec's friend Winky.

My new fuzzy socks with sticky things on the bottom (so I won't fall down) that Minky got me for Christmas.

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Adam said...

Hey Grandma, nice pictures! Thien's name is spelled 'Thien', though, with the 'i' coming before the 'e', rather than 'Thein'. =)

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