Monday, July 06, 2009

More 365 Project - 4th of July weekend

A sampling of the weekend - the picture I took of Liz's book that I'm going to get for myself because of the marvelous ideas it has. It's responsible for the picture I took of the sky on the way home - from the car. Pretty good for me!. Also Bec and Michael, her new boyfriend who is taller than she is.

Adam is exercising with the Wii.

Liz and Adam are fixing dinner.

Badminton and volleyball- Aaron and Bec. They were friends (siblings) when Bec was a baby, but something changed and they weren't anymore. But just recently there was another change and they are friends again.

Taking family pictures.

Eating the buffet at the Asian restaurant.

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Liz said...

Those are absolutely wonderful photos! (well...I can hardly believe that I am on here in my swim suit, hair pulled back, no make up, etc!!!) LOL
Thien is eating crawfish, one of her favorites!

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