Tuesday, July 07, 2009

365 Project - Miss Figgy

Here is Miss Figgy - my "fig" tree (ficus) that I've had since 1980. She is an icon for me - representing miracles. She survived my drinking, and when I got into recovery she only had a few leaves. One of the first things I learned to do was to be responsible for the living things in my house. Then she survived the fire we had in 2000, thanks to friends who cleaned soot off all her poor little leaves, repotted her and brought her back when we moved back into the house. I try to tell her frequently how much I appreciate her hanging in there with me.

"When you and I are one with God, have aligned our will with the will of God, we know joy. We know this fully, that all is well. No harm can befall us." Each Day a New Beginning

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Liz said...

Ok...you did it! You thought of a photo yesterday. I did not. I took two or three on Monday, I will have to use one of those! LOL
I love Miss Figgy!

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