Monday, June 08, 2009


As of June 4 it has been a year since my last surgery - the longest time I've ever had without surgery since the wreck. I'm feeling a lot more like myself. I sleep relatively well most nights. Over 50% of the time I'm able to make it through a day without having to lie down. (The whole truth is I count it as making it through a day if I make it until after 4:00 p.m.). I am much stronger (thanks to physical therapy). My mental health is no worse than it was before the wreck - at the moment, that is. It still doesn't take much to knock me over emotionally. Unfortunately, I've had a couple of things that fell into the category of BIG that knocked me over this year. But I've come back relatively quickly. I am so very grateful!

For almost four years now my purpose has been to get as well as possible. Since I really had no idea what would help, I just threw everything I could think of or that any one suggested at it. Healthy food, physical therapy, all the sleep/rest my body seemed to be demanding, cranial-sacral manipulation, massage, fun, friendship, time with family, prayer/affirmations/meditation. Periodically I asked the Unity folks to pray for me. I'm impressed with them. In the past I've asked them to pray for specific situations that seemed to be hopeless to resolve, and they were resolved. Amazing.

I don't consider myself well yet so I'm continuing to throw everything I can think of at my healing. I still have a lot of PTSD symptoms that really interfere with my ability to live life and I still get very tired quickly. Right now I'm in love with the structure my nutritionist has added to my food life. It seems to be working for me very well. Again, I am so grateful.
The picture above is of the outside of Whole Foods, my favorite grocery store. My nutritionist made me promise when I met with her this morning that I would add a protein supplement to my diet since I need more protein for health than most people. So, off I went to get the powdered soy to put in smoothies.

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Liz said...

I love Whole Foods! And yay for Soy!

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