Sunday, June 28, 2009

365 Project

I'm showing how hard it is for me to keep a commitment that requires discipline. This week's pictures were extremely sparse. I'm not feeling creative and although I was active this week I really didn't think any pictures would be meaningful. So... having confessed my sins, I'm going to embark on taking pictures whether they seem to be meaningful or not. The picture on the right is of one of my therapist's office. I see him once or twice a month and we work on keeping my body straight since my muscles try to torque so that I'm leaning to one side and on releasing negative energy that's stored in my body that causes me to "dissociate." I love the quiet beauty of his office. The picture on the left is of my kitchen table. People who know me well know that this is how it usually looks. All my projects, my wilted bouquet, my journal, cell phone, coffee cup and milk I'm not quite finished with usually sit there. Every once in awhile I clean it up and put stuff away and then I can't find it and wonder why my bills are paid late and I forget to go to parties I was invited to.

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Liz said...

Yes, I am having the same trouble, trying to take photos EVERY day that have some sort of meaning. However, I am going to keep plugging along and looking for moments that are worth recording or remembering.
And yes, that is totally your kitchen table!

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