Thursday, June 25, 2009


I decided to stay home from 5th night at Utica Square tonight. The temp outside is 102. I'm just not motivated to go dancing on hot concrete with the temperature over 100.

It occurred to me that the fact that I danced last week is a milestone. One of the milestones the first year after the wreck was when I got the left foot accelerator on my car and was able to load my wheelchair in the car by myself. The next appointment I had with Dr. Dreamy I reported my progress. He asked me in all seriousness whether since I was so independent if I wanted to go on with the surgeries that were necessary for me to be able to walk. He said a lot of people would just stop and stay in the wheelchair. I indignantly replied that I not only wanted to walk; I wanted to be able to dance. Well..... I'm dancing!!!


Liz said...

I KNOW, I KNOW! And I have a picture of it too!

ericmix said...

Horray for dancing!!! But you're wise to avoid dying of heat stroke in the process ;-)

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