Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Wash the Car in the Rain

I promised myself that once I felt like I was healed as much as possible, I would go on a budget.  I delayed as long as I could but finally believed it was time.  So, I'm cutting out the little expenditures like the $5.00 to run through a car wash.  I thought I would just try to get it done myself and see how it went.  It went great. 

The next time it rained, I thought that the rain might soften some of the dirt, making it easier to wash.  Once it had soaked awhile I dipped my carwashing sponge in a puddle (nice clean one on the driveway) and soaped up the car.  Then I rinsed my sponge in another puddle and wiped the car down.  It looked excellent.  So when it rains I wash the car.  The thing is it hasn't really rained during the day since I drove to Heart to Heart the second weekend in September.  I was starting to be embarrassed by how dirty my car was. 

But this morning it was raining and in less than 10 minutes my car was washed.  Right now I'm waiting for the rain to do the rinse and then I'll park back in the garage.  Yay for a problem-solving mind.  (I know, I know.  Lots of people would tell me the last thing you should do is wash your car in the rain - that the men in the white coats will come and get you.  Well, I don't see any difference in how my car looks after I've washed it in the rain and what it looks like after I pay $5.00 to run it through the car wash.  I've saved $5.00 and a lot of water.)

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