Monday, October 25, 2010

Doctor Appointment Tomorrow

Tomorrow at 9:15 I go see the hip doctor to see what will happen next.  I've already had an Xray and blood work when I went a couple of weeks ago to see Dr. Dreamy.  I'm betting I will have to have a ct scan, but maybe not.  I hope he will just believe my symptoms and get on with it (IT probably meaning surgery).  I don't want to wait.  If I have to wait I'm getting back in the wheelchair.  My fear is that when all this hardware is moving around it will break my femur that we waited four years to heal. 

I've stopped being amazed and amused, stopped being pissed, stopped being anxious.  Now I'm just back to what I've learned over and over:  God knows what he's doing and whatever happens, it will be a good thing for me.  I won't know what that is until after it's all over though.  In the meantime, I'm carrying on with my writing project and developing my budget for the next year. 

Tonight is the first meeting of the "fun club" at my house. This was an idea I had when a friend of mine was talking about the loss of a close friendship.  They did stuff together but no more.  It occurred to me that there are probably a bunch of us older gals in recovery that sit at home on Saturday night.  (I don't but they do.)  I could use some more company in my recreation life, so I suggested this.  A friend can't be replaced but new activities and people can help.

We're having a "baked potato" dinner (my idea - it's simple - no one has to cook) to "organize."  I'm of the mind that organizing is a waste of time - we could just decide what we want to do each week and invite people and then ask them for suggestions for future fun - but my friend is not comfortable with that lack of organization.  I do have a suggestion for a rule though (I guess that's organized) - no whining, no bitching.

I'm drawing the line at officers and minutes and a treasury though.  I'm out of there if that comes up!  I want pure, unadulterated fun without extraneous work-type stuff.  Like I always say, "Life is short; my time is running out.  I don't have time for anything except what's important and what is fun." I am very committed to this principle!


Liz said...

Waiting for the doctor appt...
The fun club thing sounds great and reminds me- we had a baked potato bar while Lynn & Kristin were here. Kristin chowed down on those baked potatoes!

Mary Ann said...

I knew she liked those. What did she have on them?

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