Sunday, April 04, 2010

365 Project

The kitchen sink with flowers. Always a happy sight for me.

Views of the walls at the Performing Arts Center

The geese at LaFortune Park are happy about the spring weather!
Why is there a statue of a moose in LaFortune Park? I have no idea.
Trees like this are blooming all over Tulsa.

Fabulous art work on my friend, Caryn's breakfast room wall - all done by her children.
My dear friend, Georgeana, and me. She was a volunteer with the Association beginning the first year I worked there (1997), and we worked together on many, many projects in the 11 years I worked there.
Here's Ruth and myself at her going away party. She's moving to Chicago to be Vice President of Programs for the national Association. Since I hired her to replace me, I'm talking all the credit.


ericmix said...

I'm really enjoying your 365 project fotos! Thanks :-)

Liz said...

I think you forgot to tell me that you went BLOND!!!!

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