Friday, April 16, 2010

Seven things

Every once in awhile I'm reminded of the 7 things I learned about in a workshop on Buddhism. I can't find these things in any description of Buddhism. They are definitely not the 8 Noble Truths or anything like that. But what I learned in the workshop is that these are the things all human beings experience and yet we all act like they don't. We get very upset about them happening to us or to anyone we love. We cause ourselves vast unnecessary suffering because we resist the truth. Acceptance would not take away the pain of them but would eliminate the unnecessary suffering.

1. Pain
2. Illness
3. Old age (if we're lucky to live long enough)
4. Bereavement
5. Death
6. Violated expectations (disappointment)
7. Failure of happy moments to last

Learning this has been a huge help to me. I really love remembering that I have lots of company with alll the so-called tragic stuff that's been in my life. I've still had a broken heart because of the deaths of people I love, old age is certainly not for sissies, I know about pain and illness, disappoints happen almost every day as do happy moments that don't last. None of that stuff feels good. But I no longer have the urge to whine incessantly. Thank you, God, and Buddha!


ericmix said...

Excellent reminder... and well written too! Thanks, mi amiga :-)

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