Tuesday, April 26, 2011

My Life as My Art

A bunch of us are studying Don Miguel Ruiz's book, "Voice of Knowledge."  We've been studying his books for over a year.  People come and go, but our core group keeps hanging in there.  We are learning how to apply the Toltec ideas to our lives.  This particular book focuses on the idea that we are all artists because we are creating the story of our lives.  From the Toltec tradition, the idea is that everything is perception - that none of us can actually see the truth because we have been taught from the time we learned language what the truth is from others and their perceptions.  Even if we unlearn what we've been taught, all we have is our own perception which is very limited.  Therefore, he says, we are the creators/artists of our perception of our lives.  Better make it beautiful and full of delight!

If I started out my day with the idea that for this day, I'm going to create a beautiful story and show off my talents as an artist, my way of being would be a lot different!!

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