Saturday, August 21, 2010

More Adventure

Yesterday was Yellowstone adventure - I suspect it is a completely unique place. According to the tour book, for 200 years explorers and others reported that boiling water shot up out of the ground, that there was boiling mud, etc. Back east people said those people were crazy. Lewis and Clark didn't go there because an Indian told them there were evil spirits there that didn't want people there. Of course, all the time the Indians were hunting buffalo there. Finally, after 200 years of scoffing, a scientist took an expedition to see what was really true. He took Thomas Moran, the painter with him to have a visual record. This was about 1870. Finally, people believed that this place actually existed. I can certainly see why it was hard to believe. I've said, "Oh my God!" many times yesterday.

We camped in a tent/cabin with our friend, Annie, last night. Sat around a bonfire last night and this morning and then left for Jackson. We've taken a lot of pictures of the Grand Tetons - beautiful, beautiful mountains. Right now we're at Annie's house where we will stay tonight. She is about to go to work. Eric and I will nap, clean up and maybe take a ski lift tour. Tonight is meeting night.

We'll head back to Lame Deer tomorrow. I'll stay there for a day or two and then head back to Tulsa. Such an amazing adventure!

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Sounds fun!

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