Thursday, August 19, 2010


I arrived in Lame Deer, Montana, yesterday about 6:30 mountain time. I had a smooth trip with almost no glitches. The scenery was beautiful and sometimes breathtaking. I expected to see lots of wind farms but saw only a few. I wondered who owns all this empty space and what he or she is doing with it. My only disappointment was that my used, refurbished laptop is just not working. I patted myself on the head a bunch for finding a bargain, but it appears not to have been a bargain. Luckily Eric is loaning me his Mac for blogging and googling.

It's great to see Eric. I have really missed his company. The phone talks are just not the same.

All the way here I listened to an audio book, "Tomorrow's God." It's about the search people are currently on to find a way to live spiritually. I found it very thought provoking. One thing struck me - if we are on a search to live spiritually, we should probably start with taking care of ourselves, beginning with 15 minutes of meditation morning and evening, 20 minutes of exercise every day, and eating a balanced diet. The book said that one of the main obstacles to living spiritually is our distaste for taking care of ourselves. We want someone else to take care of us - even God. Hmmm. The book added that there's a fourth thing - a way of regularly inspiring ourselves. Possibilities: nature, music, study of spirituality, church, etc. Anyway, it was a great way to travel.

Tonight after Eric finishes work, we will head toward Yellowstone. We plan to meet our friend, Annie, who works in Jackson and have dinner with her. I'm not sure when we will start back to Eric's but it may be Saturday afternoon or Sunday. Since I've never seen Yellowstone, I'm looking forward to it. My childhood friend, Connie, and her family went on a trip to Yellowstone when we were about 10 years old. I was very jealous. Now I can get over it.

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