Wednesday, August 04, 2010

365 Project

Rebecca and I had a great adventurous few days when she came to visit. I forgot to take pictures at Big Splash and the pics I took at the drive in movie did not come out. But here are the rest of the pics plus some others of interest.

Bec is trying to fit in with the fishes when we visited the aquarium.
Beautiful Bec and beautiful fishes at the aquarium.

Our first trip on the adventure Rebecca and I had last week. This is the door into the Woolaroc museum near Bartlesville.
Here's Bec with the huge elephant head at Woolaroc.

And here, at last, are the shrunken heads at Woolaroc that Bec has waited for a long time to see. I believe everyone should see shrunken heads.

The buffalo (bison) on the way in to Woolaroc.
Water buffalo at Woolaroc. They're in the water for sure on this hot day.

Check these out! Either they're new or Rebecca noticed them when I haven't in all the times I've stopped for gas at this rest stop on the way home from Dallas. We got a great big laugh.
Bec and I went to the aquarium on our adventure week and got this picture with the diver in one of the big tanks.

Here's Minky with his swimming instructor. He is doing great with swimming lessons.

This is the shadow cast on the wall through my front window and the bushes. I thought it was pretty but it didn't take a very pretty picture.
Apparently I inadvertently bought a slow cooker that was meant for cannibals!

Poor Cisco. It was time for his rabies shot, but it made him sick this time and he had to go back to the vet.

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Liz said...

Fantastic Photos! You have a lovely granddaughter!
Thanks for entertaining her.

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