Monday, August 23, 2010

Food and Fun

After leaving camp, we went to Jackson. Looked at the amazing Native American art at the visitor center, and then went to the art fair in Jackson. When we had looked at all of the delightful things, we went to the Merry Piglets to eat Mexican food. I was delighted with my rice bowl which had almost every vegetable I could think of plus, of course, rice and black beans. We attended the 8:00 pm meeting where I got a fashion idea from a guy with one leg who coordinates the color of his shirt with a ribbon he puts around his artificial peg leg. I could do that with my cane! It was a speaker meeting and the woman who spoke was articulate and fun to listen to. She talked a lot about how hard it was to surrender. We spent the night at Annie's - a fabulous house that has an incredible view of the Grand Tetons. Slept like a baby until 10:30, dressed and got on the road.

We left Jackson about noon, ate Calzone at the pizza place where we ate with Annie, and went to another part of Yellowstone where we had not been before. Right next to the lake is an area where there are smaller holes with boiling water where the micro-organisms have colored the water - blue, orange, yellow, green. Amazing sight. The rest of the day was the trip back to Lame Deer. We stopped in Cody, Wyoming, to eat at the hotel/restaurant built by Buffalo Bill Cody. In this whole area there are reminders of him. The huge dam in the area is named for him. My grandmother told us that we were related to him - he would be my great, great, great uncle. Hmmm. I wonder what perks I should be getting for being related to such a famous person. We got to Lame Deer about midnight. I slept until 11:00 this morning v I think I will take a nap this afternoon. I probably will stay another day and leave Wednesday morning since all this adventuring has used up my reserve of energy (which wasn't very bit in the first place.) But it has been a great use of energy!

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Liz said...

Hey...aren't we related to Buffalo Bill Cody???

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