Tuesday, June 22, 2010

365 Project

A great big amazing cloud coming into Tulsa from Dallas after the big birthday bash. I saw another pic of this on Facebook - someone else thought it was gorgeous too.
Oklahoma sky on the way home from Dallas (just coming into Tulsa)

Wish I could remember what Sofi (Aaron's girlfriend) is holding, but I don't. Something to do with the birthdays we were celebrating, I'm sure.
Adam left the party for a minute and Thein is keeping Adam's pipe going. Sofi is making a face about something.
Bec is astonishing Thein at the birthday bash.
Bec looking beautiful at the birthday bash. (taking a break from texting)

The birthday swimming party - Adam and Thein

Co-cooks, Adam and Thein, making the fancy salad for birthday dinner.

Thein is making something yummy for the birthday bash.

Fred is making pancakes for everyone on the big birthday weekend. (Adam and I on the 11th and Aaron on the 12th.)
Oklahoma sky after Tuesday night meeting.
Never saw anything like this before - it's a car seat for a small dog - there's a seat belt there some place.
Here's Julie, Bridget's program coordinator, at the training for people who work with people with hearing and vision loss. She's trying to figure out what her partner is trying to communicate without formal language.

Here we are doing a blindfold exercise at the training for people who work with individuals with vision and hearing loss. Everyone is trying to communicate without talking or using formal sign language. It is very hard.

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