Tuesday, May 18, 2010


My memoir writing class is finished and I'm left with 10 or so stories - more than half of them to be through the revision process based on the feedback I got. The opportunity to do this class just came out of the blue and I'm very grateful. I learned so much about how to approach writing these stories as well as some bad habits I have of leaving out important information, leaving readers puzzled. I got a lot of positive feedback from the teacher on my writing skills which gave me a lot of encouragement to continue with this project.

Of course, my blogs have been neglected as a result of the time I spent writing stories. I tend to think writing is just something I should do in my spare time. But after taking the class I think I should make it my work and arrange the time to work every day. Another thing I got from the class is that I really love writing. It's a pleasure even when it's very hard. That helps a lot. I have the feelling that the next few months and, possibly, years I will be working to finish the stories I have to tell. I have no earthly idea what I willl do with them. At this point I think it will become clear what to do as I work.


Liz said...

And I read the stories you sent home with me...very nice. I had no idea you slept outdoors!?! Cool.(er) ha ha

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