Thursday, May 20, 2010

We already have it...

"Oz never did give nothing to the Tin Man that he didn't, didn't already have." - Dewey Bunnell

I always say that books were what raised me. My parents taught me to read at a very early age and since I was an only child of much older parents, I entertained myself with constant reading. Although all that reading had an addictive quality, I also learned so very much. The Oz books by Frank Baum were amazing. I began reading them when I was 7 and read them over and over. The above quote is from a wonderful song the title of which I can't remember that refers to the Wizard of Oz book. The whole point of the book was that the Tin Man already had a heart, the Cowardly lion was already courageous and the scarecrow - he was already whatever he thought he wasn't. And I think Baum was making the point that we really already have the qualities we think we're missing. Our job is to find our real selves. Sometimes - often, really - we need help from other people to find our real selves.

My dear Joanie, whom I call my spiritual mother, told me from the beginning of our relationship that who I truly was was a beautiful, lovable, child of God, but I wouldn't believe it until I had worked all 12 of the Steps a few times. It turns out she was absolutely right. I see my faults a lot less painfully and I don't expect perfection from myself anymore. It also turns out that we can be beautiful, loveable children of God even when we make mistakes and have faults.

Wow! What a concept!

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