Friday, February 19, 2010

Blondes Have More Fun

I'm never satisfied with how my hair looks. The only time I liked my hair was in the 80s when I had a perm and my hair looked naturally curly. Once it started turning grey, it looked crappy. So, of course, I dyed it. But then an perm wouldn't take and I had to make a decision - crappy color and perm, or good color and unmanageable hair. That was around 25 years ago.

So for 25 years I've been messing with my hair, trying to get it to look decent. Recently I decided I'd like to see what color it really is and maybe be able to get a perm. Got a perm anyway and boy is my hair ever damaged with color AND perm. So, I decided to grow it out and see what color it is. Judy, my long-suffering hair dresser, suggested we lighten it a bit so that the contrast with the grey roots wouldn't be so great. Well, it's lightened more than a little bit. It startles me when I look in the mirror - I'm a blonde! And I look terrific!

Hmmm. Should have done this sooner and gotten a boob job too. Then I could have ruled the world. Wait - Marilyn Monroe had all that; Anna Nicole Smith too. And look how they ended up. Well, I still intend to have fun but not end up like that!

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ericmix said...

So where the heck is the photograph of this blond fabulosity?!?!? :-)

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