Tuesday, August 25, 2009


It is lovely to be in Texas. Although I'm missing the cool weather in Tulsa, I've been able to spend time with two of my grandchildren and, of course, my daughter. We're not vacationing. We're dealing with the first week of school for Rebecca, a trip to D.C. to visit his brother and his girlfriend for Aaron, a trip to Tulsa to visit family and for work-related classes for Fred, and the first week of Liz's new job. My role is to try to be invisible, not make any messes, take Aaron to the airport, pick up Rebecca if she misses the bus and cook dinner. So far, so good. Mostly that is. My **** stinking energy levels still get in my way. But I triumphantly found my way home from the airport with only one mistake where I ended up in a parking lot. However, the nice lady parking attendant let me back out and start over.

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Liz said...

Invisible?? LOL!
A good job you are doing at all except that one! Just joking, of course! I am totally glad that you are here!

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