Sunday, August 02, 2009


Mary Ann VanWinkle has been sleeping a lot again this week. I'm really sick of it. So I've decided not to do it anymore. I'm going to continue the new therapy for now, but it had better start making me feel better instead of worse pretty soon.

The 365 project has not been implemented, but at least I've done the basics so that my life wasn't destroyed. I'm still exceedingly sleepy but so what. Today I went to a meeting at the glass house in the park and then to eat at an Tei Kei's (the Asian restaurant pictured here). Right now Eric and I are working on our writing. I'm editing old blog posts and having a good time with that. The dishes are done. My bed is made. I'm clean and well dressed. I've done my meditation. I'm doing something productive. I'm back in the world.

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