Thursday, August 27, 2009

A Little Bit Cool in Texas

It was so cool outside this morning that I sat on the back porch to do my meditation time. Rusty the dog could not figure out what in the world I was doing. He stayed with me for awhile but then went back inside. It is cloudy and sprinkling but not really raining. It is so lovely and quiet in this big, beautiful house all by myself. I remember a time when this much quiet and alone time would have sent me over the edge. Now I love it. As a helper, there's not a lot to do so I've taken the opportunity to do a lot of writing and reading. A luxury!

Here's why a helper should be invisible: A guest is someone who needs attention and entertainment. A helper is someone who doesn't need anything and stays out of the way (what I call invisible). I'm bad at invisible! But I'm giving it my best shot.

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ericmix said...

Sisco misses you!!! I'm his part-time helper ;-)

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