Friday, August 21, 2009

Being Powerless

Courtyard in office building where my hairdresser is
It's as peaceful as a church in the woods
I'm running out of ideas and energy for the 365 project. All my ideas for pictures seem boring. But since my life motto is "never, never, ever give up," I'm not giving up. Be prepared for bad pictures!

I am powerless but not alone. One of my recent readings had something in it like this. The basic idea was that the more I feel my powerlessness and smallness, the greater my spiritual growth. I interpreted that to mean that most of my fear, anger, stress, etc. comes from not being in touch with my powerlessness and my need for guidance and power from God. If I were living moment to moment in contact with the truth, my fear/anger/stress would disappear. It's my new spiritual practice. It seems unlikely to me that I will - even sometime in the future - be able to consistently live like this, but I seems very likely that giving it my best effort every day could transform me and my life.

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Liz said...

No, this picture is actually good. Do what I am doing...try to find things and look at them artistically. Not necessarily interesting from the stand point of what you are doing, but interesting as in the art of the photography. This is just where it gets good!

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