Monday, November 02, 2009

365 Project

Good thing I'm not a perfectionist. This week: Some days no picture, some days more than one picture. Here's the view I face when doing voice mapping. Google "voice mapping" for information. I think it's helping.
Ron's son, Craig, came and got some more of Ron's grandfather's truck parts. Ron worked on restoring that truck for years. Craig has it now and is working on finishing it. He's holding his new puppy - Millicent, or Millie for short. She is a Pomeranian/chihuahua mix.

Dee and I had fried chicken at one of Ron's and my favorite places - the Celebrity Club. It looks like an old fashioned night club.

It's Halloween. I have my cat stuff on and Kristin is Dora the Explorer. She is tired from spending the afternoon at BooHaHa.

Every couple of months or so, I see my counselor for a sanity check. She has known me a long time - ever since I dragged Ron to see her to see if she could persuade him to take better care of his health. Didn't work. But Ron talked her into giving us Cisco when he was her office cat. This is a picture of the kitchen cabinet in the house where she has her practice. The front of all the cabinets have copper sheets on them. It's amazingly beautiful.

Once or twice a year, the carpet cleaning man comes and cleans up the cat barf stains. This time there were one or two dog barf stains too. He cleaned on Friday and on Sunday night, Cisco christened the clean carpet. Ahhh the joys of pets.

The Day of the Dead - November 1, so I'm honoring Ron. Here's Ron's checklist that used to be posted on the back door where he would see it as he went out. Most of the things on the list he posted, but I posted the phone and his friend, Mike, posted fishing equipment. Until he posted the list of things he forgot before he left the house, we perpetually had to go back after things. I think diabetes makes you forgetful. I had the list framed after he died. Just below it is a wood carving of a rainbow trout - Ron's favorite (right after me, that is).

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