Monday, April 13, 2009


Since I have a multi-race family thanks to adoption, the Obamas are of great interest to me. I've thought often that Barak made it to the presidency partly because he was raised primarily in the white culture and so didn't seem so different to the marjority of white people. Of course, there were a lot more important reasons why he made it to the presidency, but I think his background played a part. On the other hand, Michelle was raised in the black culture but a lot of white people don't seem to see that. I think that might be because she was born about the time desegregation began so she did not attend segregated schools and all the doors were open to her even if they had had to be forced open. I don't mean to imply that it was easy for her. I'm sure it wasn't. But for the first time African Americans and women actually had a chance to aspire to law school, etc. The Obamas represent to me the fact that given a chance talent and heart will win out. It's a happy thing to see.

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