Wednesday, January 16, 2008

New Year

The rule I thought up just now is that I have until the end of January to start the new year. Of course I realize that I can start a new year anytime. It's just arbitrary. But something about January gives me hope that this will be the year I lose weight, get in shape, get organized, and become a better person in general. I refuse to give up the hope. There's a good chance that I would weigh more, have fewer muscles, be more confused and be a cranky old woman if it weren't for new year's resolutions. I'm grateful for the hope. Luckily I also have a lot of help available to me.

"God never, ever asks us to do anything that God does not equip and supply us to do." Melody Beattie, Co-Dependent's Guide to the Twelve Steps

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Thien said...

oh no, please don't be a cranky old lady... I like you just the way you are, happy and very very nice...

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