Sunday, January 20, 2008

Creative Actions

"Reaction isn't action - that is, it's not truly creative." - Elizabeth Janeway, Each Day a New Beginning

Freedom to be creative - that's one of the amazing things I've learned in recovery. I am not at the mercy of my past mistakes, negative experiences, or current struggles! I'm free to decide how I want to be and how I want my life to be regardless of outside circumstances.

Today I'm sitting in the midst of my creativity and having a good laugh at myself. My kitchen table still has a huge bunch of left over Christmas stuff - two dead poinsettias, green and red placemats and the platter, red paper plates and "Santa, I can explain..." napkins that never got used for the Christmas brunch because of the ice storm. The office floor is covered with wrapping paper and gifts that haven't been wrapped, let alone delivered because, although I've been home two weeks, I'm still struggling with the magazines, catalogs and mail that came while I was in Texas. All those are on the kitchen floor and the dining room table. I can't put away the Christmas brunch stuff until I clean out a shelf in the linen closet. I really have been working at it, but for some reason it's very slow.

I have, however, had time to go to the movies, eat lunch and dinner with friends, do a tiny bit of work, and buy a used, fake mink bedspread. I'm also making to do lists, calendars, schedules and using every resource I can find to help me do a better job of being creative rather than reactive in 2008. I'm having a glorious time.

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